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What players say about Luna Guitars

I have fallen completely in love with your guitars, they are so perfect. Please keep surprising everyone in the guitar world with your unique designs!...

Brandon Bowers...TX

Just wanted to say thank you for creating such beautiful and beautiful sounding instruments. Before, I never understood musicians who had more than one guitar (you can only play one at a time can't you?). That's what I thought until one day I happened to be in a music store and I stumbled upon the Dragonfly. The iridescent finish caught my eye and I thought "sure it looks pretty but it's probably lacking in the sound department". Then I played it. OK - so I can admit when I'm wrong. I purchased the Dragonfly and now I understand the appeal of owning more than one instrument. I would like to ask though - do you lace them with crack or something because now I'm admiring the Luna Moth model! I guess they're like potato chips - you can't have just one!..

Nancy Kramer

Guys like your guitars too! I just bought a black acoustic/electirc with the Phoenix. I looked at several popular name brand guitars and picked yours out for the quality and playability.

Vaughn Stephen Cronin

I stumbled upon the Luna Moth.......I have never seen such a beautiful guitar, let alone such a beautiful guitar that was within my budget! Because of this, I assumed that the guitar would be of mediocre quality. But once I had picked up the instrument and begun to play, I knew that I was wrong in thinking this. The width of the neck and the small body made for a very comfortable playing experience (I am 5'3", 120lbs), but it was the warm, deep tone of the guitar that left me speechless. WOW. Thank you, Luna.

Sara Feige...Ontario CAN

WOW! double wow!! even triple wow!!! Your catalog arrived yesterday.......and it is FABULOUS! I am so totally impressed, excited, overwhelmed by your expertise and commitment. It is a joy to see.

Susan Lachman TN

I think it's great what you are doing as far as empowering women with a chance to choose a well-crafted instrument and also I think that the "Andromeda" model is simply amazing. I have to pick one of those up myself, simply amazing. I hope to see Luna guitars soar into the market and get your product out there. Great to see that Luna's at the NAMM show, wow what a big deal, that's awesome!

Matthew Pike NY

I am writing you to THANK YOU a million trillion times for my beautiful Luna guitar.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think something so sacred would be gifted to me. It has changed my life already.... I have had a writers block and since I have picked up my Luna guitar and playing it every day I had a break through and a new song has come through me. Thank you sooooo much for this opportunity to bring out my true mission on this planet which I know in my heart is to share music with the world....

Kim Smith, CA

I'm so impressed with your guitars. They are absolutely beautiful. If I were to make my own guitar, yours would be exactly what I would do. I'm inspired just by looking at them.....

Violet Vonder Haar

I just wanted to write this email to thank y'all for creating some of the most beautiful guitars I've ever seen. I'm normally a Dean guitar player but when I go to the guitar shop I can't help but notice their beauty. In playing them I've found they have a rich tone and an ease to play. Whenever I've purchased guitars there has to be something beautiful about it, attractive almost and thats why I bought my Dean Exotica and Avalanche. But your guitars are probably the most inviting guitars I've ever laid eyes on, and to a musician and an artist, its what you dream of. I plan on purchasing your "Spirit of the Night" guitar for my girlfriend from my local shop soon for her birthday, one because she adores fairies and two to encourage her to continue playing. It's nearly impossible to find a girl who enjoys playing the guitar and to my luck, gorgeous. But anyways thank yall for making unbelievable guitars and for encouraging women to play. I love what I can teach her and I wish more women would learn to play.


I think your guitars are marvelous! Just what I have been looking for...

Jon ...SC


By which I mean, yay, there's another company making female-hand-sized guitars and doesn't feel the need to make every single one of them offensively girly. Seriously, I'm hearing the Hallelujah Chorus in my head right now.

Daisy Rock makes a decent guitar, but do you have any idea how long I've been shaking them by the proverbial collar and begging for a Rock Candy with no pink whatsoever on it? And then when they DO finally make a black one, they put a great big PINK STAR on it. Head, meet desk. ARGH.

I am now eyeballing the Andromeda as my next electric. Thank you for understanding that there are some guitarists with ovaries who do not want a Barbie Dream Guitar.

Sarah Lafferty.... TX

I love love love the picture of the woman with the Luna Guitar on her it a poster? I have the Luna Flora Passionflower.
Grace and peace and thanks for a great guitar

Bobbie McGarey ...OK

I love the Dragonfly, and I think it's my top pick (what a cool visual concept - and I've always loved that dragonflies are the "illusion shatterers"). But... I'm also Phoenix partial (*I* am being reborn, after all - LOL!) and that one is stunning, but the Henna is more subtely gorgeous... One of each please!....

Dawn Radcliffe -Snell

I want to say that yes I am a dude, but i love your guitars. I love fine art and this is great for me. Thanks for making the best guitars ever!

Jake HD..... IN

I like the connection to goddess mythology. Not only is this site about guitars, but people looking at your website can learn about the different goddesses, too. So far, I think the guitars I've seen on your site are very impressive, and I LOVE the artwork on them! Keep up the good work making great guitars! I also like how your guitars are much DIFFERENT than the Daisy Rock guitars. Each company should make their own style of guitars, so buyers have a variety to choose from.

Sharon Chamberland

I had this idea in my head as to what I was looking for in my next guitar. I wanted a natural wood finish - to accentuate nature's uniqueness with abalone inlays, as well, a slender body for comfort and ease, that has a robust sound, etc. While browsing in a music store the other day, I came across the Spirit of the Night model. I've played on many guitars for the past 14 years and I have to say that your guitar is by far the most comfortable guitar (acoustic) that I have played. I am very impressed and I wanted to share this with you. Thank you.


I am a guitarist and bassist, as well as a loyal Dean player since the day I started playing. My girlfriend recently got into acoustic guitar and I bought her a Luna (Dragonfly w/ Irridescent paint). We BOTH love the Luna line and I wanted to write and say that I am impressed with your instruments. We're both artists (I work for an ad agency) and we both love beautiful things (of course) and we're both very heavily into mythology and astrology (hence the attraction to the moon and the goddess/mythical themes). The Lunas are VERY aesthetically pleasing designs.

Tony....Clearwater, FL

I just wanted to say thank you for spending time with me at NAMM a couple weeks ago and I love my new hollowbody. (I think all the guys in my band do too :-)

I thought it was really touching to learn about how your mother proved to be the inspiriation for making guitars that are easier for women to play. I just want to say I think you've done an excellent job and succeeded in doing so.

Let me know what you need from me and how I can help you. I'm going to tell everyone I know about your guitars everytime I play a show :-)....

Meagan Tubb

Hi, I'm the proud owner of a Fantasie guitar. I love the attention to detail, especially the phases of the moon fretboard and it has a great sound.

Kevin Heng

Your reply to my comments about the Male desire for a Female guitar were kind and well recieved..I especially liked the encouragement as stated by Our intent was to level the playing field for women, but we welcome and embrace musicians of both genders. I really like embraces!!!!(He said with a grin) ;->

Daniel Maher

I own the dragonfly flip irid acoustic and I absolutely *love* it, its so beautiful!

Jennifer Fonslet FL

I purchased your 12 string Pandora model at the Summer NAMM show last weekend in Austin. I LOVE IT. I also play an Ovation 1866, and the Pandora fills the needs that the Ovation doesn't. The weight is a dream come true, and the neck is wonderful. I am looking forward to gigging with it.

Brenda Lowry... LA

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