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Congratulations and Thank You!

Because Luna LOVES Pinterest our summer contest was called PIN & WIN and, wow.

You created beautiful Pinterest boards that collaged image and ideas to represent Luna. We are honored and we spent a long time pouring over your efforts. More than once an image, a thought reminded us of very early cherished notions that led to Luna as a brand.

Walt Whitman

Finally we decided that one choice wasn't enough for us and certainly didn't reflect the diversity of your efforts. The following is a list of the six winners we've settled upon and the prizes they have won. (Each name will show you a board.)

Girl Listening
  • Morgan Onstott in Illinois started pinning on the first day of the contest and worked until the end. As our most ardent winner, we invite her to choose any Luna guitar she would like.

  • Dancing

  • Jenny Hoffman in Wisconsin created a board we selected for its general loveliness and we invite her to choose any Luna travel guitar she would like.

  • Dancing

  • Courtney Caton in the United Kingdom created the most personal board building in a narrative about her own musical journey so far. We invite her to select any mahogany Luna ukulele she would like.

  • Dancing

  • Mimi Tanaka created our favorite Color-focused board recognizing the importance of color within the Luna brand and aligning colors with concepts. We invite her to select any Luna travel guitar she would like.

  • Dancing

  • Emily Yue from Conneticut composed the most clever board with shots she took of her own ukulele representing different aspects of the Luna brand. We invite her to select any mahogany Luna ukulele she would like. And look! She's just sent us this video:

  • Gary Davis of California created the most upbeat and fun board. We invite him to select any mahogany Luna ukulele he would like.

In addition to these winners we have selected twenty three additional (wonderful) Honorable Mentions who will receive Luna t-shirts.

  • Michelle Zengenene, New Zealand
  • Victoria Fielder, Virginia
  • Jerrin Sam Mathews, India
  • Tammy Faucett, Tennessee
  • Shannon Russ, Ohio
  • Shelley Novotny, Wisconsin
  • Amanda Adams, Georgia
  • Marion Choa, California
  • Eileen Loh, Singapore
  • Leesa Pratt, Michigan
  • Lisa Thoms, Virginia
  • Katharine Medford, Oregon
  • Jessica Guardiola, Utah
  • Jacqueline Griffin, California
  • Jeanette Peters, Utah
  • Jennifer MacArthur, Michigan
  • Rachel Hensley, North Carolina
  • Sierra Rain Anderson, Illinois
  • Aspasia Strani, Greece
  • Aida Ayuk, Maryland
  • Arielle Labilles, Tennessee
  • Anna Kazantseva, Washington
  • Ally Dee Roo, Illinois

A note to all winners and honorable mentions

You should have an email from us at the address you used to register for the contest. We look forward to hearing back from you with the information we'll need to get your prizes to you. And thanks again for your great boards!

To all pinners, a note from Yvonne de Villiers, Creative Director and Creator of Luna Guitars:

Dear Luna Tribe…..

I want each and every one of you to know that you matter and are appreciated for the unique individuals that you are. So unique, in fact, that this contest was next to impossible to judge. I am most grateful for our panel of judges without whom I would still be pouring over submissions. And I am most grateful for each and every one of you and your heartfelt efforts.

I have put together a short collective board with some of my personal favorite pins from the contest. I invite you to write me with more suggestions.

Now, go forth and continue to be awesome!


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