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Holly Wabler of Centerville, Ohio, Wins Guitar from Luna Guitars and the Ophelia Project

Holly Wabler of Centerville , Ohio won the Luna Moth guitar that Luna Guitars' donated to the Ophelia Project. Holding the guitar is Holly daughter Victoria, age 11. Gabriella, age 6, looks on. Holly and the girls plan to take guitar lessons so they can share their gift of music with others.

Tampa, FL - February 6, 2006 - When Holly Wabler journeyed from Centerville, Ohio to Tampa, Florida in late October of 2005 for the national Ophelia Project conference, she didn't expect that she'd be returning home with a shiny new guitar to go under the family Christmas tree.

But thanks to a collaboration between the Ophelia Project - a national youth advocacy program - and Tampa-based Luna Guitars, Holly was able to surprise her two daughters with a six-string Luna Moth model guitar on Christmas morning.

"Luna Guitars is pleased to support organizations like the Ophelia Project that help youngsters build the skills and knowledge they need to safely and confidently reach for their own special dreams," says Luna Executive Director Yvonne de Villiers. "We design our guitars to inspire creativity. We hope that every instrument we sell - and those we're able to donate to worthy causes - will make a positive difference in someone's life."

Having watched her own petite mother - a pioneering rock band bass player - suffer physical damage from years of playing heavy instruments, de Villiers conceived Luna Guitars to design lightweight instruments scaled to comfortably fit the female body. But she didn't count on the enthusiastic reception from both women and men that Luna's innovative guitars have gained. The company has responded with new instrument designs that make playing more comfortable for all musicians. It also offers a line of guitars for student players.

When Luna Guitars offered to donate one of its signature Luna Moth inlaid acoustic guitars to help support the Ophelia Project's youth empowerment initiatives, Ophelia officers decided to raffle the guitar as a means of encouraging a deserving youngster to embrace the gift of music. When she found herself the lucky winner of the Luna guitar, Holly Wabler decided then and there that she'd join her daughters Victoria, age 11, and Gabriella, age 6, in learning to play.

"None of us knows how to play guitar-yet," says Holly. "But we're looking forward to learning. Victoria plays violin and I've noticed that it gives her a real sense of peace and relaxation. I feel sure that we'll all enjoy that same sense of delight when we play our beautiful new guitar."

"A TV program about bullying and its effects on girls and women introduced me to the Ophelia Project," Holly explains. "When I visited the Ophelia Web site after the TV show, I signed up for their newsletter and read about the national conference in Tampa. Although I have three sisters and two daughters, I found that I still had a lot to learn - about them and about myself. The workshops at the conference were informative and enlightening beyond belief!"

Holly, husband Mark and their daughters live in Centerville, where Holly now owns Doebler's Bakery, a family business founded by her parents. Her husband is an aerospace sales engineer.

"My trip to Tampa cut into our budget," says Holly, "but it taught me a lot and I'm glad I went. Winning the guitar was an unexpected joy, and Luna Guitars enabled us to have a wonderful Christmas! I do believe that wonderful, joyous things happen in our lives for a purpose. As my daughters and I learn to play our new guitar, I'm sure we'll find that part of its purpose will be sharing our music with others, passing the gift of Luna Guitars along. We appreciate Luna Guitars' taking an interest in the lives of others, especially the women and girls who are a part of the Ophelia Project."


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