Sonya Heller: Old Soul in a New Pair of Shoes

Luna Artist, Sonya Heller
photo by Ellen Wallenstein
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Meet Sonya Heller, touring Pop/Folk singer/songwriter, composer, three time ASCAP Awards recipient, and the recent new love of France.

Sonya was attracted to Luna by the sense of family and community she felt while perusing the website. No wonder, as Sonya hails from a large, musically inclined family! She explains, “My mother had the soprano of an angel, could play anything on the piano with or without music in front of her. Most of my great Uncles from Russia played accordion, guitar, violin or balalaika. My father’s a tenor and my siblings all studied music as well”.

Sonya was specifically attracted to Luna’s Henna Paradise Spruce. Besides the ergonomics she loves the Henna artwork that,she reveals, “takes me to a place of adornment and ritual, something very deep in my cultural history and psyche.” She also observes that her fans take special notice of her Luna. “Besides digging the sound and all the technical aspects, they’re blown away by the artwork and want to know ‘who are these people????? What’s the website?’ “

Sonya’s musical influences were many, but she sites Laura Nyro, Cat Stevens, early English madrigal, Celtic and Sarah Vaughan as a few. She has studied and practiced the Healing Arts for many years and loves to cook, sit on the porch contemplating her pond, and eat Chinese takeout in bed watching something totally lame!

Causes close to her heart are the ONE campaign to raise funding and awareness around AIDS especially in Africa. She has also played Indie Music for life benefits “helping to cure cancer one song at a time” and tries to be of service musically and otherwise whenever possible.

Luna Artist, Sonya Heller

When asked what she is most proud of Sonya responds that it is some of her music that she describes as “bigger than me”. “It’s as if I’m peering from the outside in and just can’t understand how they came to be??. I’m also very proud of the soundtrack I wrote for “Sisters In Resistance” an amazing film by Maia Wechsler about 4 French women in the underground “Resistance” in France during WW11.”

A few other things Sonya would like Luna fans to know : “My favorite road junk food splurge… A huge bag of Salt and Vinegar potato chips and a diet pepsi. Man, that make me so happy (for a little while:0) My favorite place to eat on the road…CRACKER BARREL…love that place. Clean bathrooms, chatchkas to look at, lots of locals, kinda a weird and comforting at the same time.”

“Also, I have a funny little bent arm (the right one) from birth. No elbow joint and my arm isn’t able to turn out to full range. However…she turns in thank goodness (part of the plan I think) so I can reach my strings and play!!! That’s a good thing as Martha would say.”

Luna is pleased to call Sonya Heller a Luna Artist.  
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