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Luna Guitars Muse Donation Helps University Fund Program to Stop Violence Against Women

Tampa, FL - May 2007 - Luna Guitars is pleased to announce its donation of a Muse series acoustic/electric guitar for a raffle to benefit Women's Place, an innovative volunteer program at the University of Kentucky in Lexington.

Women's Place is committed to implementing creative, research-driven strategies to effectively address physical, sexual and psychological violence against women in the University of Kentucky community at the prevention, intervention and response levels. The program -- which Luna Guitars is pleased to support through its donation -- is dedicated to the premise that basic safety and freedom from fear is essential to an environment of true opportunity, equality and excellence.

Luna Guitars' Muse series of instruments feature both traditional acoustic and acoustic/electric model guitars in full and cutaway dreadnought body styles. The guitars area adorned with Celtic elements that include an intricate knotwork design around the instruments' soundholes. The instrument aslo combine exotic woods to produce superb tone and resonance. The models can be viewed at

The Luna Guitars team was happy to learn that the donated Muse helped our friends at the Women's Place raise over $1,000 for the program. University of Kentucky student and avid guitar player Tyler Nelson was the proud winner of the instrument. Congratulations, Tyler, and congratulations to everyone at Women's Place for working to make the world a better and safer place for women!

For more information about the Women's Place program at the University of Kentucky, visit

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