Acoustic Guitars


Vineyard Series

The Vineyard Series represents strength, determination and endurance, the same characteristics many seasoned musicians routinely find themselves trying to embody along their musical journey. Like some of the most gorgeous vineyards we see from Italy to California, every vine starts somewhere and grows into something bigger than anticipated.

Constructed with the pro musician in mind, Vineyard Series acoustics are equipped with koa back & sides, a solid top that offers warm tone, and a bevel to rest the picking arm. The pearl vine inlay design on the rosette and rosewood fretboard represents the always evolving passion for growth and perseverance. Ready to be adjusted for success, the open gear tuners rest on the headstock with chrome tuning pegs.

Whether your foundation is cemented in music, or you are looking to make an artistic impression wherever you go, these acoustic-electric guitars are rooted to the foundation of your skillset and ready to ignite your passion when the moment is right. With Fishman electronics and an onboard tuner, be ready to dial in your sound quickly, plug-in to an amp, and hit the stage ready to go.

Vista Series

The Vista Series blends the world of fine art together with the art of advanced acoustic guitar building. Each Vista features an aesthetically pleasing portrait of animals in their natural habitat, depicted by using a variety of tropical woods across the body of the guitar. While showcasing its natural beauty on stage, guitar players will enjoy the premium sound coming from the onboard Fishman Presys+ (PSY-201) preamp and built-in tuner. Take your Vista along for the ride and keep it protected in a leather-tooled hard-shell case, which is included with your purchase.

High Tide Series

The perfect complement to Luna’s premier line of High Tide ukuleles, the High Tide acoustic guitars are on track to become just as popular with sharp looks, attention to detail and high-quality features. The High Tide Series takes its inspiration from the full moon, which begins at the first fret with a pearl dot and causes the abalone wave fret markers below it to “rise” as they make their way up the fretboard towards the moon’s pull. These guitars are crafted from exotic tropical hardwoods, and the Luna “full moon” sticker inside the sound hole is framed by an abalone ring. Equipped with chrome open gear tuners, Fishman preamps and reliable D’Addario strings, these guitars are ready to make a splash on the big stage or on the road!

Artist Series

Whether you’re a songwriter, musician or a strummer, everyone needs an all around great sounding guitar they can depend on to get them through shows, writing sessions and whatever else life throws their way. The Artist Series encompasses the rustic-looking Vintage Series and the all-solid wood Recorder Series. These guitars are built for the artists and perfect for songwriting or taking your talents plugged-in on the big stage.

Heartsong Series

The Heartsong acoustic guitar Series is another Luna innovation, which began by asking players what would facilitate their creative process. Luna chose the powerful Fishman preamp system which includes a built-in tuner and USB output feature, all of which allows a player to capture their creativity with maximum convenience. With the USB feature, we wanted to give musicians an opportunity to play guitar and lay the track right into their digital software of choice. The Heartsong Series is further distinguished by its superb tonal quality, distinctive treble/bass clef sound hole rosette, select spruce top and mahogany body.

Woodland Series

Where would you travel if you had all the time in the world and an exotic looking guitar? The Woodland Series is comprised of acoustic guitars that embody a unique aesthetic and embrace the seeds of nature around us. Those seeds sprout into something beautiful which is laser-etched around the sound hole for display - as a compliment to the top wood. Available in a variety of body shapes for all skill levels and playing styles.

Wabi Sabi Series

The Wabi Sabi Series is designed for the aspiring acoustic guitar player or someone learning the ropes. Who says you need to practice on an expensive guitar to learn how to play? Wabi Sabi is a Japanese philosophy that embraces imperfection – so take your time! Aesthetic characteristics of these guitars include asymmetry, irregularity, simplicity and appreciation of the organic nature of natural objects. These guitars are constructed with B tops, usually rejected for being aesthetically imperfect but sounding the same as A grade tops. Essentially, you have a solid top guitar series at an affordable price!

Henna Series

Henna Series acoustic guitars take players to a magical world of visual and auditory delights! Ornamenting the skin with henna is among one of the world’s oldest known art forms. The Henna Series incorporates our folk style cutaway body, pairing its mahogany sides and back with either a solid or select spruce top for tone that is uniquely pleasing and distinctive as the instrument’s show-stopping henna artwork. Amplify your performance with the Henna’s on board Luna Preamp.

Flora Series

Inspired by the Roman Goddess of flowers and plants, Luna Guitars’ Flora models feel as fresh as the springtime their muse represents. In the Flora Series, you’ll find acoustic guitars featuring cutaway bodies topped in quilted maple with maple sides and backs give the Flora Series a full and satisfying range of sound that’s the perfect complement to their expression of nature’s beauty.

Fauna Series

A staple to the early days of Luna, the Fauna Series acoustic guitars draw their inspiration from earth’s majestic creatures to create stunning freeform inlays in pearloid and abalone. Fauna acoustic guitars are the perfect companion for musical creation with the full sound produced by its grand auditorium cutaway body design. Each guitar features floral designs that speak to the heart with every strum and give voice to the songs of the soul.

Safari Series

Songwriters and musicians we get it! You are always on the go – The Safari Series is designed with traveling “music makers” in mind. A ¾ size acoustic guitar is slightly smaller than the standard size acoustic guitar, and fits smaller hands much more comfortably. Less in size, a smaller guitar requires less string gauge sizes needed to bring the instrument to proper pitch and tuning. Branded travel case included so you can stow this musical companion in any overhead bin!

Gypsy Series

Gypsy Series acoustic guitars feature a unique look and make a perfect entry-level guitar for anyone looking to begin their musical journey. This series is perfect for players who are looking for a visually appealing guitar that may spark their creative innovation at an affordable price. After all, songwriting is an art in itself.

To understand the inspiration behind our Acoustic Guitars line is to understand and appreciate world culture, nature and art. This is most evident in the delicate inlaid or laser etched designs with our acoustic guitar line. Behind that aesthetic, is a carefully nurtured understanding of guitar design: Dreadnaught, Cutaway, Classical, Travel guitars mixed with Exotic tone woods result in a consummate instrument of significant beauty and value. Designed by artists for artists. Create something beautiful with Luna.