Charlotte Campbell

Charlotte Campbell

“Charlotte Campbell is a singer/songwriter and extremely polite and cheery street performer from London.”

You'll see evidence of this fine summary below in the video Charlotte made for Luna. Even when she sings about loneliness, this young singers voice seems slightlysmiling.“Sometimes,”she writes,“a stranger is better than a friend.”Campbell seems a natural performer, who makes friends of most strangers.

“A graduate of the BRIT school and scholarship student at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, Charlotte hopes to follow in the footsteps of previous alumni. After 7 years of playing and songwriting, she's finally found her feet as a performer, releasing her debut album through Pledge Music. With the help of her fans, Charlotte funded her first 10 track release and kickstarted her career as an established artist.”

Charlotte responds to some of our queries

Whats it like to busk on London's South Bank?
Busking in London is a great way to get my music out to new audiences and its a lot of fun! Having a backdrop of Big Ben and The Thames adds a real atmosphere and I feel like Im making history right there! I think I sent Luna a few of my favourite photos of me busking - but I get a lot because its such a nice background!

You write a lot of songs . . . whats your process?
I always start with a lyrical idea - maybe a title or a concept and then I pick up my guitar, play a few chords and write a melody with that lyrical idea in mind. Although I usually end up somewhere different from where I started, my songs are always the result of some long tangent.

Who (or what) is your musical inspiration?
My biggest influences are female singer songwriters, old and new. I love Joni Mitchell, Alanis Morissette and Colbie Caillat. But I have a variety of influences in terms of genre and I love bands with smooth harmonies like Counting Crows and Fleetwood Mac.

Whats your idea of a perfect day?
That's a really great question! But I don't think I have an answer! Since I have made music my profession, I seem to have a perfect day wherever I am. Last week I was on the Southbank busking and I was heading into the studio the following day - I was dreading it because I thought nothing could be better than a day out busking. Then I spent 5 days intensely recording and every day was better than the last, I didn't want to go home at the end of it! As long as Im making music my day couldnt really get any better. How cheesy is that?

Why do you like your Luna?
I originally picked my Luna because it is the prettiest guitar Id ever seen, and when I actually played it I couldn't believe what a great sound I got from it. A lot of people want to talk about it when I'm busking because its so eye catching, and they are always surprised by how easily it plays-with quite a thin neck and low action- and still gets such a great sound through the pick up. I think it suits me perfectly and its a big part of my musical identity.

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