Fiona Silver

Fiona Silver

Fiona Silver is an old soul. At 23, her pixie appearance contrasts with her dynamic sound and passionate delivery. Born and raised in NYC, Silver's influences range from Billie Holiday to Courtney Love -- old jazz to rock and roll; Portishead to Aretha Franklin --trip-hop to soul.

A song writer and multi-instrumentalist, playing mainly on ukulele and guitar, Silver's performances are captivating in their honesty and have the power to transport you to another time. Named one ofCurve Magazine's Most Desirable Women, this rising star is bound to take over the world and she's just getting started!

Listen in as Fiona sits down for an interview with Luna Guitars

How does the experience of living in NY affect your music?
Living in NY is like living in a labyrinth. Things are constantly moving and changing around you, and you have to know how to navigate through it all. I find myself in so many different kids of situations with such different people, and my songs are the common denominator of all these experiences. There is a sense of honesty and realness in my music that is vulnerable because when I go out there's always a shield of confidence and self-preservation. I feel like I have lived a hundred lives just in my 23 years, and through my music I can tell stories and connect to people in a way that is timeless.

Your music has been described as a "jazz chanteuse from another time. . . ." What are your influences from that era?
Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, as well as Nina Simone.How does your "street smart attitude and take no prisoners punk attitude" make your music different from traditional retro jazz?Although my voice naturally conveys Jazz influences, it also has a rasp and grittiness that reflects a rock and roll lifestyle. My lyrics can be hard hitting, and my performances are passionate. It's really just a reflection of my mentality.

What Luna instrument do you play and what attracted you to it?
I play theLuna Mo'o Ukulele. I was attracted to it because of it's full sound and on-board pre-amp which makes a huge difference (as opposed to mic-ing an acoustic) when performing.

What about the ukulele as an instrument makes it your "new joy in life"?
My involvement with music has been a journey experimenting with many instruments. I originally began on piano when I was 8, then picked up guitar, then bass, and now in my early 20's have come to love the ukulele. One reason it suits me as an artist is it's size. Not only does it sound unique, but it is extremely portable which is great for someone always on the go, as well as the fact that it literally fits my hands better than a guitar or bass.

What are some of your other passions besides music?
I love helping people get inspired- just seeing someone smile makes me happy. I also really enjoy writing- many of my songs are derived from poems I write. I love traveling, discovering new things, hanging with my friends, dancing, going on roller coasters, going to the beach, seeing stars (which are foreign to me), and watching other great performers.

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
Love, loss, the search for more- whether that's knowlege, experiences or spiritual fulfillment.What turns you off?Breathing people that are already dead. People who don't care to know a world outside of what they already know, and speak negatively about things they don't understand.

If you could play with any player alive or dead, who would it be and why?

That's such a tough question because there are a number of musicians that I would be head over heels to work with. I have to admit though, Jimi Hendrix comes to mind first, and he needs no explanation.

What does authenticity mean to you and how do you practice it in your work?

Authenticity to me, means being genuine. There's hardly anything in the world that hasn't "been done", but if you can do it in truly your own way, and put your all into it- than it's authentic to me. I know my music is authentic because I'm not trying to be like anyone else, I'm just myself.

What inspires you?

Motion, positive and critical thinking, extreme emotions and the need to express myself.

What's something about you that would surprise us?
My voice, if you've seen me but haven't heard me. People are always shocked at how much power can come from a small body.Anything else you would like Luna fans to know?

My relationship with my fans means the world to me. Please reach out and stay connected. and follow me on

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