Luna Guitars FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I care for my Luna ukulele?

At Luna, we believe less is more. The best way to preserve your finish is to keep it clean.

Clean your strings with a dry microfiber cloth after every time you play to maximize the life of your strings.

Wipe off fingerprints and perspiration on the body of your uke with a damp (not wet), soft cloth. Old cotton baby diapers make excellent cloths. After cleaning with a totally wrung out cloth, then simply buff it with a soft dry cloth. You might want to loosen your strings to clean around the bridge.

If your fingerboard and bridge seem to be drying out, just a very small amount of lemon oil should do the trick. Again…buff thoroughly. It is recommended to do this every few months to avoid cracks, loose frets, discoloration and premature wear.
Anytime you change your strings is a great time to condition the fingerboard.

And follow these tips:

1. Always keep your uke in a case, in a gigbag, on a wall hanger or stand.

2. Avoid storing your uke near sources of hot, dry air (such as forced hot air heating ducts), or cold, damp areas (garages, basements, closets with outside walls).

3. Never, ever, transport your uke in a car trunk and never leave it in the front of your vehicle once you've arrived at your destination. Drastic temperatures are the quickest way to destroy an instrument.

4. Allow your instrument to warm up slowly before opening your case in a warm room after being transported in a cold vehicle. Abrupt changes in temperature can cause can cause finish cracking or worse!