Luna Guitars FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What sets Luna Guitars apart, as a company?

Luna has a story.

...and everybody loves a story!

Headed by stained glass artist Yvonne de Villiers, Luna Guitars is a Latina -founded company with an interesting history based on both a mother-daughter relationship as well as a visual artist asking the question, "what does the guitar, as an object, mean to the player that loves it?"

Luna has a creed.

"A creed is the spine that supports the entire brand".

The Luna creed has its foundations in our mission statement, which is inclusive, mindful, and inspirational.

To craft fine stringed instruments - with artistic sensibility - that are comfortable, affordable, and inspire players of all ages and walks of life on their musical journey

Luna has universal appeal.

Luna sales hover at 50% male, / 50% female a gender balance unparalleled by any other brand in the industry. What also sets Luna apart is the broad age range of players who purchase them (from children to players 45+) as evidenced by our Facebook fan base, instrument registrations and and our family album page.

Luna customers feel a strong connection to the brand.

Beyond our instruments, what has fueled Luna's growth is a personal connection with our players - whom we fondly refer to as the Luna Tribe.

Customers want to feel heard. They want to spend their money on a brand that fosters personal connection....where they feel there is a real person behind the brand.

Every letter gets a personal reply from Luna's founder, Yvonne de Villiers, and she regularly talks to the Luna tribe via Facebook and through newsletters and blogs. We are both an accessible and responsive company.