Luna Guitars FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where are Luna instruments made?

Luna Guitars are designed by Yvonne de Villiers here in the U.S., and by Alex Morgan in the U.K. They are then manufactured to our strict specifications by instrument specialists in China and Korea. We have been working with the same manufacturers since our inception. They have been wonderful partners, willing to experiment with some of our groundbreaking designs —and are good to their workers.

Throughout the design and construction process, Yvonne maintains close communication with our manufacturers. Each instrument that arrives in our Tampa, Florida headquarters is then inspected by a technician, who performs a detailed set-up process on each guitar before it is sent to a Luna authorized dealer.

It is an interesting exercise to look at customs import forms, as the majority of US guitar manufacturers use the same few overseas factories, and simply put their logo on the headstock. Or, they claim to be assembled in the U.S., which legally only requires that some some detail be added. If you are looking for a USA guitar, be sure to do your homework — don't go on implied perception alone. For instance, "crafted by one of the great guitar manufacturers of our country" does not equal "Made in the U.S.A."

Since we are now dealing with a global market with all consumer goods, and what's made where is going to always be somewhat of a mystery, we have to shop with our ears, fingers, and hearts. If you fall in love with a particular guitar and like the sound, feel and overall craftsmanship, grab onto it, and enjoy yourself. Since music is the universal language, at least the joy that is liberated from wood and strings transcends boundaries.

We are dedicated to providing you with quality instruments, and we stand behind every model with our Luna Guitars limited lifetime warranty.